40+ Best Midjourney Style Prompts

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midjourney style prompts

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Midjourney style prompts are a key to unlocking the potential of AI art creation. With the phrase “in the style of” incorporated into these prompts, you can easily channel the essence of various art movements.

Whether it’s the elegance of Art Deco, gothic, the abstract nature of Cubism, or the futuristic flair of Cyberpunk, these prompts guide the AI to generate art style that resonates with your vision. 

The best Midjourney prompts are those that skillfully combine your creative ideas with these iconic styles, producing artwork that’s both unique and visually captivating.

We will use design style text prompts to transform our digital art with a single word.

Here are our 40+ midjourney prompt examples.

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Best Midjourney Style Prompts

The Midjourney bot has revolutionized the world of AI-generated art, offering a platform for endless creativity. Leveraging the capabilities of OpenAI’s DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, the Midjourney AI transforms simple text inputs into stunning visuals.

These prompts for Midjourney are designed to inspire artists and creators, guiding them through a journey of digital artistry. Each prompt, uniquely formulated, encourages exploration into various artistic styles and themes, showcasing the versatility and power of using Midjourney AI.

Here are 42 midjourney style prompts:

Futuro City

Cityscape inspired by Syd Mead, in the style of futuristic concept art.

midjourney style prompts

Heroic Action

Superhero action scene, in the style of vibrant comic book art.

midjourney style prompts

Deco Design

Architectural design, sleek and modern, in the style of Art Deco.

midjourney style prompts

Impressionist Landscape

Landscape painting in the style of Claude Monet, with impressionist vibrant colors.

midjourney style prompts

Galactic War

Galactic battle scene in the style of Star Wars, with intricate sci-fi details.

midjourney style prompts

Cubist Abstract

Abstract composition, in the style inspired by Cubism, with geometric shapes.

midjourney style prompts

Chiaroscuro Portrait

Portrait with a default style of Renaissance chiaroscuro lighting.

Baroque Still Life

Still life combining style and content of Baroque art, with ornate details.

midjourney style prompts

Pop Celebrity

Celebrity portrait in the style of famous pop art, bold and colorful.

midjourney style prompts

Impressionist Scene

Create a scene in the painting style you want, focusing on impressionistic techniques.

midjourney style prompts

Deco Skyline

Urban skyline in the art deco style, showcasing geometric elegance.

midjourney style prompts

Natural Landscape

Landscape in the style reference of Hudson River School, with natural beauty.

midjourney logo prompts

Macro Art

Macro photography with a shallow depth of field, in the style of fine art.

Dystopian Future

Futuristic concept art in the style of Blade Runner’s dystopian cityscape.

Serene Oil

Oil painting of a serene landscape, in the traditional painting style.

midjourney style prompts

AI Imagination

Digital art created with OpenAI’s DALL-E, showcasing stable diffusion effects.

midjourney style prompts

Fantasy Midjourney

Fantasy scene in Midjourney’s imaginative digital painting style.

Pop Street

Colorful street art in the style of vibrant pop art.

Baroque Drama

Historical scene in the style of dramatic Baroque painting.

midjourney style prompts

Steampunk Tech

Sci-fi gadget design in the style art of steampunk, with intricate mechanics.

midjourney style prompts

Geometric Sculpture

Modern sculpture in the style of geometric abstraction.

midjourney style prompts

Closeup Portrait

Close-up portrait in the style of detailed fine art photography.

midjourney style prompts

Garden Colors

Garden scene in the style of Impressionism, with vibrant colors.

midjourney style prompts

Nouveau Poster

Poster design in the style of Art Nouveau, with ornate and elegant lines.

Dalí Dreamscape

Surreal landscape in the style of Salvador Dalí, with imaginative powers.

midjourney style prompts

Adams Nature

Landscape photography in the style of Ansel Adams, capturing the essence of fine art.

Dusk Cityscape

Cityscape at dusk in the style of Blade Runner, with a futuristic cityscape atmosphere.

midjourney style prompts

Diffusion Art

Art piece in the style of stable diffusion, blending digital and traditional mediums.

midjourney style prompts

Digital Glitch

Glitch art portrait, in the style of contemporary digital art.

Anime Character

Character design in the style of traditional anime art, detailed and expressive.

Fantasy Castle

Fantasy castle in the style of intricate fantasy art, surrounded by colorful landscapes.

midjourney style prompts

Artstation Trend

Digital painting in the style trending on Artstation, showcasing modern techniques.

Modern Render

Architectural render in the style of changing aspect ratios, showcasing modern design.

midjourney style prompts

Wildlife Art

Wildlife painting in the style of vibrant colors and fine details.

Seascape Light

Seascape in the style of Impressionism, focusing on light and color.

midjourney style prompts

Historic Oil Painting

Historical portrait in the style of oil painting, capturing intricate details.

midjourney style prompts

Urban Graffiti

Urban graffiti in the style of contemporary pop art, bold and expressive.

midjourney style prompts

Robot Steampunk

Robot design in the style of steampunk, with ornate mechanical details.

midjourney style prompts

Abstract Mountain Landscape

Mountain landscape in the style of geometric abstraction, bold and modern.

midjourney style prompts

Floral Closeup

Floral close-up in the style of fine art photography, with a shallow depth of field.

midjourney style prompts

Nouveau City

Ancient cityscape in the style of Art Nouveau, ornate and stylized.

midjourney style prompts

Surreal Dream

Dreamlike scene in the style of Salvador Dalí, with imaginative and surreal elements.

Flamingo Tea Party

A group of elegant flamingos hosting a tea party in the style of Salvador Dalí, complete with melting clocks and dreamlike landscapes

midjourney style prompts

Cat Orchestra

An orchestra of cats playing classical instruments in the style of Pablo Picasso’s Cubism, with geometric shapes and vibrant colors.

midjourney style prompts

Octopus Underwater City

A whimsical underwater city inhabited by fashion-forward octopuses, in the style of Tim Burton, featuring gothic elements and whimsical architecture.

midjourney style prompts

Final Words

In conclusion, these prompts, ranging from detailed and intricate character concept art to abstract expressionist painting, demonstrate the vast capabilities of AI in art creation. The journey from the first prompt to the end is like weaving through a gallery of diverse styles and themes.

Whether you’re aiming to get a landscape that echoes the subtleties of film photography or a dark fantasy scene rich in narrative, AI tools like ChatGPT and advanced image generators offer the best quality and high resolution.

Describing the best AI image you want, be it a highly detailed abstract expressionism piece or something more conventional, these AI technologies can create amazing visuals that match your vision. Recommendations from Medium and other platforms suggest that the key is to describe what you want clearly at the beginning of your prompt and let the AI bring your vision to life by the end of the prompt.

This approach opens up endless possibilities, allowing everyone to create an image they want, regardless of their artistic skill level.


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