10 Ways to Increase Essay Word Count (AI Included)

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increase essay word count

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Hey students, I know hearing “You have one day to complete a 2000-word essay” can feel like a horror movie tagline, especially when dealing with an unfamiliar topic and struggling to meet the word count. 

You might wonder, ” How will I stretch this into a full essay?” or “How to Increase Essay Word Count”.  But don’t stress; we’ve got your back!

Our game-changing solution is Copyscribe’s “Text Extender” tool and practical essay-writing techniques (like incorporating examples, quotes, and references). This combo will help you reach that daunting word count without pulling your hair out,  staring at a blank screen for hours, or wasting time and effort.

Are you curious about other effective methods to increase the word count of your essay while making it more engaging and informative for your readers?

 Stick around—we’ve compiled 10 awesome tips just for you to improve your essay and make it super captivating to read.

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  • Avoid using fluff words, passive voices, and repetitive words that affect the overall quality of your essay negatively and expand the number of words only.

  • One of the most effective, quickest, and perfect ways to expand essay word count is using the AI powered paragraph expander feature “Text Extender” by Copyscribe.ai. It is an amazing sentence expander tool.

  • You can also meet your word count requirements and make sentences longer by adding examples, references, and quotation in your essay.

  • Researching your topic in detail is essential to writing a quality essay and more words.

  • You can use the “General Writing” feature of Copyscribe.ai to bring more precision and perfection to your writing.

  • Copyscribe is designed to improve your essay writing experience by introducing amazing features (such as text extender, content shortening, passive to active voice) and more.

So, take advantage of this magical AI-powered tool to write essays and assignments quickly.

Wrong Ways to Increase Your Essay Word Count

Do you know what is the most annoying aspect of writing an essay?

Spending hours to meet the required word count but still needs to achieve this goal. 

After choosing the writing style and completing the main ideas of your essay, it is heartbreaking and stressful to realize you are just halfway through completing the required word count.

Nevertheless, we recommend you refrain from using any illogical method to increase your essay’s word count, as using such shortcuts can decrease your content quality and make it challenging to understand what you wrote.

1-Don’t Include Fluff Words

Never include fluff words in your essay, as they can adversely affect your essay’s quality. Surely, fluff words can expand your word count from 12 to 45, but adding meaningless words can divert the targeted audience’s mind, and they will never get your essay’s main idea.

Here’s an example.

Augmented reality lets students see science ideas as pictures on a screen in the classroom or real life.

If we forcefully add fluff and irrelevant words to expand our terms it may look stretched and meaningless to readers. 

In the educational setting of a classroom or even in the real-world environment, augmented reality technology allows eager young minds to visually observe and interact with complex science concepts by transforming them into easily understandable, graphical images displayed on a digital screen.

The first phrase is simpler as it perfectly conveys the message without diverting readers (unlike the second one). So, expanding word count by adding fillers is the worst idea every student should avoid.

2-Avoid Using Passive Voices

No denial: passive voice makes sentences longer but you can express your ideas better and in simple words using active voice. Using passive voice (that too unnecessarily) in your academic papers can negatively affect your grades and your paper’s quality.

3-Avoid Repetitive Sentences

Want to ace your academic papers or essays? The trick is easy: don’t repeat the same points or sentences. Doing so confuses your readers and muddles your main point. For top-quality writing, vary your language and cover different ideas in each section. Besides, focus the word limit to make written essay enjoyable, easy to understand, and shows you know your stuff.

10 Ways to Increase Essay Word Count

Want to know the secret behind expanding your essay’s wordcount? 

We will share some cool hacks to increase word count in an essay without compromising the quality and readability of the content. 

Follow these hacks to take your essay to the next level and get higher grades.

1- Use an AI Paragraph Extender

Looking for the easy way to increase word count?

You can use AI tools to add extra sentences to your essay and expand the word count.

Yes, you heard it right!

For example, you can use the Copyscribe.ai “Text Extender” feature to increase  essay’s paragraphs.

increase essay word count

You can easily use this amazing ‘Text Extender’ feature following these simple steps.

  1. Login to Copyscribe.ai > Templates > General Writing > Text Extender
  2. Choose the paragraph you want to expand and add it in the “Description” section.
  3. You can also add some main keywords in the “keywords” section.
  4. Choose “Language,” “Quality Type,” “Tone of Voice,” and “Number of Results”.
  5. To extend your essay, you can include the desired word count in the “Max Result Length” bar.
  6. Once you have added all the information.
  7. Click on “Generate.”

Following these simple steps and using this magical content generator tool will help you generate elaborative, up-to-the-mark, and relevant essays without spending too much time.

2-Create an Outline

If you want to write a well-written essay in a limited time, it may be appealing to dive in and start writing immediately. 

But hold your horses!

Have you crafted a solid outline?

With a solid outline, you can ensure quality write-up, meet targeted word count, and enjoy your entire writing process. 

With the proper outline, you can allocate the word count for each section or paragraph of your essay. Besides, it helps build a sturdy foundation for your essay. 

Every professional writer can tell you that preparing a thorough outline is one of the most critical steps in crafting and completing a quality essay.

No worries, if you have trouble creating an outline for your essay, you can also use AI tools. You can ask any of the conversational AIs to create a top-notch and relevant outline for your essay. 

Nevertheless, adding a detailed prompt and waiting for AI’s magic to craft an outline for you is important.

Copyscribe.ai’s “Articles Outline” is a way to go when creating an outline. 

Here’s how you can give an outline command.

  1. Log-in to copyscribe.ai
  2. Write “Article Outlines” in the search bar to look for this magical feature of Copyscribe.
  3. Mention “Blog Title”
  4. Choose language, quality type, tone of voice, and max result length.
  5. Click on “Generate” after adding all your commands.

Wow, you have generated the finest and most relevant outline for your essay in no time.

What are you waiting for? Your outline is ready; now, start writing!

increase essay word count

3-Use Examples to Illustrate Your Point

If you want to increase your essay’s word count, including examples is one of the smartest techniques to contemplate. You can use examples to illustrate your ideas better. 

Moreover, it helps readers to understand your arguments better and drive your point home. It makes the essay engaging, convincing, and readable. 

Therefore, always incorporate some well-fitted and relevant examples to spice up your write-up and elevate your essay to a new level. Surely, its a great way to increase word count and quality of the essay. 

4-In-depth Research is the Key

No worries if you have a written assignment of minimum word count. Another effective method to increase your essay’s wordcount is to know more arguments and counterarguments relevant to your topic.

The better you know your topic, the more you can explain sentences and examples.

Its the best way to increase word count of your assignment without incorporating fluff or irrelevant content.

That’s why it is suggested to in-depth research your topic before the write-up starts.

Unless you are using AI word  count tool, research can take considerable time. Therefore, use AI tools to streamline your research process and access advantageous academic resources in less time.

5- Rework Introduction and Conclusion

It is another great way to expand your assignment’s or essay’s wordcount without incorporating irrelevant sentences and fluff words. 

Let’s say you have completed your essay’s outline, but it still requires 200-300 words to meet the word count requirement. 

You can expand the introduction and conclusion to meet this goal.

Do you know how it works?

  • The introduction and conclusion are the two best places where you can add free-flowing stories, quotes, and ideas without citing them every time or mentioning sources. The smartest way to increase word count is to find additional sources.
  • You can include personal experiences, anecdotes, news articles, and research findings to introduce or close your topic. This included whitening out gibberish text and increasing the size of the period.
  • You can also write in detail about the motivation behind choosing this topic and your strategies for writing the essay.
  • In the conclusion section, remind your readers why the specific argument matters at the human level. You can do it by repeating the topic, the core arguments discussed in the essay, and how you justified your topic.

You can add more content in these sections instead of including them in the body of the essay. So, add these elements to your essay’s introduction and conclusion to meet your targeted word count.

6-Add References and Quote

Quotes and references improve the credibility of your essay and make your content authentic to read. Also, its a perfect way to increase the word count without adding fluffs and fillers.

However, it is essential to know that more than adding references and quotes in your essay is needed; you must cite them properly in the citation list. 

If you don’t cite your sources, it may question your essay’s credibility. Also, it may lead to plagiarism and formatting errors. So, double-check your work and make sure the mentioned sources are well-attributed.

7-Ask Why Questions

It’s the stage where your research has already provided you with some logical perspectives. But, it’s better to add some original perspectives to the existing research to expand your paper’s word count.

You can ask “Why” questions to do this more effectively. It strengthens your arguments and provides relevant content to increase your word count. 

Think back to the example of “benefits of technology on education.”

 Let’s say one of your arguments is, “Excess use of technology may affect education negatively.”

You can add a series of “why” topics to dig deeper into the text. 

Ask questions like  “Why is it true?” “Why do you think it happens?” etc. Adding these questions will make your essay more interesting and increase the word count.

8-Address the Counter View

Using alternative point of view can also help increase the wordcount. Moreover, you impress your teachers and makes your essay better and longer using this smart strategy.

For example, if you discuss “technology is essential for students in the 21st century,” you can also discuss “how the negative use of technology can affect students’ grades,” etc.

Addressing the counter-views and arguments will balance your essay and show you have discussed both sides of the story. Thus, arguments must be added to the word count.

9-Get Your Friend’s Feedback

Surely, writing a 2000-word essay on a unique topic is an achievement for a student. That’s why most students overlook loopholes and flaws in their write-ups. It is a key concern and a problematic situation for non-native English speakers.

You can ask a peer or any of your trusted friends to look over your essay and recommend things you could add to your essay. Share your essay on a Gdoc with your peer/friend to get their valued feedback. They can highlight something missing, misplaced, or looks out of context. 

This way, you can find more problematic paragraphs and make the essay more effective and concise.

10- Add Text When You Edit Your Essay

Still trying to increase wordcount?

Once you have finished writing your essay, please review it and consider editing where needed. This way, you can add more content and increase the length. 

It’s another great opportunity to use AI writing tools and get suggestions to write more fluent sentences and write a long essay with the help of AI. 

Replace redundant words with strong vocabulary and replace repetitive words with alternatives. 

Try to spot long phrases and divide them into small terms and paragraphs. You can add as many words as needed but they must be relevant to the context.

Did the discussion mentioned above help increase your word count?

If yes then follow these strategies and increase word count without compromising the quality.

Copyscribe.ai: All-in-One Writing Assistant

Copyscribe is an AI assistant ideally designed to take your essay writing experience to the next level, with multiple impressive features such as Text extender and Article Outlines. 

So, you must take advantage of it to create a masterpiece while completing your academic tasks, assignments, and essays.

Copyscribe Writing Features

Copyscribe comes with 50+ templates designed for your different writing needs. Here are some remarkable templates of copyscribe you can use while writing your essay.

  • Text Extender (It can extend short sentences into more descriptive and informative paragraphs).
  • Content Shorten (to shorten your content into a different voice and style to make it appealing to the readers).
  • The article outlines (to help you write better content consistently).
  • Article rewriter
  • Paragraph writer
  • Passive to active voice
  • Tone changer
  • Summarize
  • Rewrite with keywords
  • Bullet point answers
  • Definition

So, use any of these features to increase the word count of your essay and make it interesting to read.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I increase the word count in an essay?

To increase the essay’s wordcount, consider the following strategies:

  • Expand on Points: Each point or argument in your essay can be expanded. Add more examples, quotes, or data to support your statements.

  • Include Counterarguments: Present and refute them to add depth to your essay.

  • Add Subsections: Introduce new subtopics or subsections relevant to the main topic.

  • Review the Introduction and Conclusion: Often, these sections can be elaborated upon to provide more context or summarize more thoroughly.

What is the AI that makes your essay longer?

Several AI-based tools are designed to assist with writing such as Copyscribe, EssayBot, Textcortex, and Wordtune. These can help you rephrase content, suggest additional points, and expand on existing ones to make your essay longer. However, use them responsibly to expand word count without sacrificing quality. 

How do I get more words for word count?

Here are some tactics:

  • Use Descriptive Language: Instead of saying “good,” you could say “exceptionally good,” or instead of “fast,” use “rapidly.” as natural language processing matters.

  • Include Additional Evidence: Cite more research, include more case studies, or add more anecdotes.

Clarify Statements: If you’ve made broad statements, break them down into specific points.

How do I make my 1000 word essay longer?

If your assignment’s maximum word count is 1000+ words, you can extend it by following simple strategies:

  • Add Quotations: Incorporate relevant quotations from experts as they can increase 10% length of the essay.

  • Use Examples: Use concrete examples to illustrate abstract concepts.

  • Expand Each Paragraph: Review each paragraph to see if your point can be further elaborated. Follow these strategies if you need to increase your shorter essay or reach your word count limit
Can my extended essay be 3500 words?

Every student tries to reach the minimum word count of the assignment. Nevertheless, the word count for an extended essay will largely depend on the guidelines set by your educational institution or the specific course for which the essay is being written.  It mainly depends on the kind of essay you are writing. In many cases, extended essays are expected to be around 4000 words essay length for subjects like History or English, but it’s essential to adhere to any guidelines you’ve been given. If you’re unsure, consult with your instructor or advisor to look for practical options to reach the word count limit.

Is 250 words a lot for an essay?

The minimum word count of essay depends on the type of essay you are writing. However, the length of 250 words is generally considered to be short for an academic essay. Such a word count would likely be appropriate for a high school essay assignment or perhaps as one part of a longer university paper, but it would be insufficient for a detailed analysis or research paper. Typically, academic essays at the college level are at least 500 words (usually a short essay), and they can be much longer depending on the topic and requirements.

What AI helps with essays?

Various AI platforms like Copyscribe, Wordtune, and Grammarly can assist with essays by expanding word count,  checking grammar, suggesting sentence structures, and even offering ideas to include. These tools with word counter can help you track the total words you have written.

Can I use AI to improve my writing?

Absolutely. AI tools can provide real-time feedback, offer synonyms for overused words, and correct grammatical errors. This lets you focus more on the content and less on writing mechanics. So, follow AI tools to increase word count in essay.

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