How to Use Niji 5 in Midjourney? Explore the Creative AI Art

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how to use niji 5 in midjourney

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Welcome to the wonderful world of digital artistry where creativity meets technology!

 Are you an anime enthusiast or an artist seeking fresh ideas and unique aesthetics? If so, you’re in for a treat!

We’re excited to introduce a revolutionary tool that blends the charm of anime art with cutting-edge AI capabilities: the Niji 5 settings in Midjourney.

This guide will walk you through the exciting journey of creating your own anime AI art using the new Niji 5 settings – Cute, Expressive, and Scenic.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting, Niji 5 in Midjourney offers an accessible and fun way to explore the realm of anime aesthetics. Imagine having the power to generate stunning anime characters with a simple prompt, all within the Midjourney platform.

It’s not only about creating art; it’s about embarking on a creative exploration as you learn how to use Niji 5 in Midjourney. Plus, with the integration of Discord, it’s easier than ever to share your creations and collaborate with others.

Dive into this guide and get ready to unleash your imagination in 2024 with Midjourney Niji 5 and its enchanting v5 settings.

Let’s start this anime style creative adventure together!

Table of Contents

What is Midjourney’s Niji Mode?

Midjourney’s Niji Mode offers a delightful twist in the world of AI-generated art by focusing on the vibrant and expressive realm of anime. This special feature, part of the broader Niji Journey, is tailored to encapsulate the captivating niji style, bringing the colorful and dynamic world of anime to life with ease.

As a standout parameter in Midjourney’s suite, Niji Mode taps into the rich and varied aesthetics of anime. Its niji v5, or version 5, elevates this experience, ensuring each creation is not only unique but also resonates with the depth and charm typical of anime art.

Whether you’re an anime enthusiast or an artist exploring new horizons, –niji 5 in Midjourney unlocks a world where your anime visions can seamlessly transform into digital masterpieces.

Origin of Midjourney Niji Mode

The creation of Niji Mode was a joint project between Midjourney and Spellbrush, the creators of the popular internet meme site, Waifulabs. This partnership focused on making a unique tool for crafting top-notch anime-style pictures.

The latest version of Midjourney is built on a similar design to Niji Mode. It trains using Midjourney’s supercluster, a powerful technology foundation. This means Niji Mode not only gets better as Midjourney improves, but it’s also tailor-made for making anime art.

If you’re not sure if Niji Mode is what you need, you might want to try the HolaraAI anime generator or similar tools. They can help you create the anime art you’re looking for, complete with beautiful backgrounds. By getting access to these tools, you can truly unleash your creativity.

How to Use Niji 5 in Midjourney?

Activating Niji Mode in Midjourney is easy and user-friendly. To turn it on, just add the command –niji at the end of your prompt when you’re using the Midjourney bot.

For example, if your goal is to make an anime-style image of a cute dog, you would type this command by adding “niji at the end of your prompt.

/imagine a beautiful doll–niji

/imagine “rainbow –v 5 –style expressive –c –upbeta –s –niji

By doing this, you’re telling Midjourney to use Niji Mode for creating the image. Also, if you prefer to always use Niji Mode, you can set it as your default option. Just go to the settings panel and use the /settings command to make this change.

Advanced Features of Midjourney Niji Mode

Niji Mode not only excels in producing anime-style illustrations but also boasts a suite of sophisticated features, granting users enhanced control over their artistic outputs. Here’s a brief overview:

  1. Aspect Ratios: Catering to different presentation needs, Niji Mode supports aspect ratios such as 2:3, ideal for poster-style images, and 3:2, perfect for creating cinematic landscapes. This feature is accessible through the -ar command.

  2. Variations: For those who wish to experiment with different styles of their artwork, Niji Mode offers the ability to generate alternate versions using the V1, V2, V3, and V4 buttons.

  3. Up-scaling: With the incorporation of U1, U2, U3, and U4 buttons, artists can enhance the resolution of their creations, giving a high-quality uplift to their art.

For artists eager to delve deeper into AI-powered artistry, our extensive list of top AI art tools is a treasure trove worth exploring!

Make Your Own Anime AI Art with Niji 5

Niji stands as a distinctive model within Midjourney, designed to possess extensive expertise in various anime styles and aesthetics. Our experience experimenting with the creative Anime Niji 5 styles was incredibly enjoyable. The outcomes are remarkable, and we’re confident you’ll be just as astounded by them!

How to use niji 5 in midjourney

Guide to Use Niji 5 in Midjourney

To begin creating images with Niji5, simply type /settings and select Niji5 to switch to Niji mode, or you can include it directly in your prompt.

How to use niji 5 in midjourney

So far, three specific anime styles are available in Midjourney discord. The Expressive and Cute styles are great for making anime characters, while the Scenic style is aimed at generating images with detailed backgrounds and landscapes.

Just include your chosen style in your prompt like this to create stunning and new style images:

How to use niji 5 in midjourney
How to use niji 5 in midjourney

In this image, we have compared the same prompt (a handsome blonde boy in the plaground –niji 5 –ar 2:3) for the default, expressive, cute, and scenic style.

How to use niji 5 in midjourney

Default Style

Here you can see three different results for the same prompt in the Default Style.


Expressive Style

Here are three different results for the same prompt in the Expressive Style.

How to use niji 5 in midjourney

Cute Style

Here are three different results for the same prompt in the Cute Style.

how to use niji 5 in midjourney

Scenic Style

Here are three different results for the same prompt in the Scenic Style.

how to use niji 5 in midjourney

The scenic style excels in crafting stunning landscapes and intricately dreamlike backdrops.

how to use niji 5 in midjourney

How to Add Photorealism to Niji 5?

We are particularly fond of the scenic style as it truly brings characters to life. Curious about the effect of incorporating a touch more photorealism, we used the following prompt to explore this idea:

Prompt /imagine +

how to use Niji 5 in midjourney
how to use Niji 5 in midjourney
how to use Niji 5 in midjourney
how to use Niji 5 in midjourney

Prompt /imagine +

how to use Niji 5 in midjourney
how to use Niji 5 in midjourney

Prompt /imagine +

how to use Niji 5 in midjourney
how to use niji 5 in midjourney

Prompt /imagine +

how to use niji 5 in midjourney

The Future of Midjourney Niji Mode

The future of Midjourney’s Niji Mode looks promising as it continues to evolve. This model version is specifically designed for fans and creators of anime. Users can use it to generate digital art that brilliantly captures the essence of anime aesthetics.

The best anime prompts for Midjourney Niji Mode offer a diverse range of options, catering to both traditional and modern styles associated with anime. Furthermore, anime prompts for Midjourney Niji are being refined to include even more variety, like the inclusion of a western style, offering a unique blend of artistic cultures.

This development represents a significant collaboration between Midjourney and the anime community, paving the way for more creative and innovative uses of AI in art.

Limitations of Midjourney Niji Mode

The Midjourney Niji Model, while innovative in its design and application, does encounter certain limitations that users should be aware of. This model, primarily focused on anime styles and aesthetics, has specific constraints that may affect its versatility and output quality in various scenarios.

  • Style Specificity: Primarily tailored for anime aesthetics, it may not perform as well with non-anime styles.
  • Creative Flexibility: Limited adaptability in deviating from its core anime-focused design.
  • Detail Rendering: Challenges in accurately rendering complex details or nuanced expressions typical in anime.
  • Variability in Outputs: Inconsistent results when working with diverse or unconventional anime themes.
  • User Expertise: Requires a certain level of user understanding of anime styles for optimal use.
  • Resource Intensity: Potentially high demand on computational resources, impacting performance.


In conclusion, using Niji 5 in Midjourney offers a unique and enjoyable experience in the realm of generative AI art. This tool allows you to create stunning anime-style visuals with ease, blending the vast knowledge of AI with a flair for anime-inspired aesthetics.

With Niji 5, artists and enthusiasts can easily switch between various styles, moving beyond the rigid aesthetic of traditional methods. The platform’s capability to produce imagery with a white background enhances the clarity and focus on the anime characters.

Additionally, joining the Midjourney discord server provides a community space where one can share top posts and gain insights. Niji 5’s stable diffusion technology ensures that each creation maintains a unique style, enabling users to have fun playing and experimenting with different concepts. Ultimately, Niji 5 is an excellent tool for anyone looking to explore and create anime-style art in an innovative and user-friendly way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Midjourney’s Niji Mode?

Midjourney’s Niji Mode is a specialized feature within the Midjourney platform, designed specifically for creating and enhancing anime-style artworks and designs.

What does –niji mean?

The term “–niji” is a command or a parameter used in Midjourney to activate or apply the Niji Mode for anime-style art creation.

What are the advanced features of Niji Mode?

Advanced features of Niji Mode include enhanced anime aesthetics, the ability to produce more detailed and stylistically accurate anime imagery, and specialized tools for anime character and scene creation.

How do I add a NIJI bot?

To add a NIJI bot, you typically need to integrate it into your existing Midjourney setup, usually through the platform’s bot integration settings or by following specific instructions provided by Midjourney for bot addition.

What is the difference between Midjourney and Niji?

Midjourney is the broader platform or tool, potentially encompassing various styles and types of content creation. Niji, on the other hand, is a specific mode or feature within Midjourney that focuses exclusively on creating anime-style art.

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